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A Quick and Easy Guide to Online Bingo Sites

Playing in the best bingo sites on the Internet is useless if you don’t know how to make the most out of them. While the game mechanics of bingo rarely changes whether you play in real-life bingo halls or in virtual bingo rooms, there’s a whole lot more to online bingo than what meets the eye.
First, you have safety and security problems. If you haven’t received your winnings immediately or if you’re not satisfied with the hall’s service, you can simply take your issues up with the manager (or create a ruckus on the floor, if that’s your thing).

With online bingo halls, the only way to know if the site is legit is when you have already received your winnings. Before that you just have to take the site’s word that they’re not just going to scam you and run off with your financial details.

Quick Security Tips for Online Bingo Players

1. Currently, there is no Better Business Bureau-type of thing that can provide a platform for online bingo establishments and players to settle disputes. But still, the best bingo sites would have lots of players singing their praises for them. Check out gambling forums and websites that specifically reviews online bingo halls for reviews.
2. The best bingo sites would often have a “play-only” option for new players that would allow them to get a feel of the site without making a deposit first.
3. If a site promises that you’ll win “big” if you sign up with them, then it’s a red flag. With a purely chance-based game like bingo, it’s very impossible to tell whether you’ll be able to win anything except if you’re a fairly regular player.
4. Practice password safety. Don’t use obvious passwords (e.g. “password” “1234” “iloveyou”) or the names of family members.

There are lots of legitimate bingo sites out there. To attract players, most of them would offer sign up bonuses such as bonus credits and other freebies. While some people would just play at the site until their free credits run out (i.e. they’re just playing the field – moving from site to site just consuming the initial sign up bonuses), it still is best to stick to just one or a couple of bingo sites so that you can rack up loyalty points with them. You also get a sense of community with other regular players on the site. A good online bingo site is one that fosters a great sense of community among its players, while providing them with sweet incentives to stay on the site.

If you’re not tech savvy before, you better brush up on your Internet lingo now. While bingo itself has its own set of jargon, online bingo even has a more expanded form of language that non-techies can find confusing. Here are a few:

gj – Good job!
wtg – Way to go!
gg – Great game
brb – Be right back
gl – Good luck
6 (or any other number) – Usually states the desired number of a player to be able to reach a bingo.

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